Transmission Services in St. Louis, MO

Transmission Services in St. Louis, MOShift your entire approach to automotive care when you establish a connection with the team at Hood’s Automotive & Towing. Getting from 0-60 involves a series of steps that you take for granted when your vehicle’s transmission is working properly. When you can’t go forward or the gears begin to grind, you need our transmission services in St. Louis, MO.

The transmission system in your vehicle is a complex series of interrelated parts that must work together to get you into the next gear. When your car pops out of gear, you could be at risk of an accident. Schedule an appointment with our team and ensure your transmission is working properly.

Improving Performance

As sludge and other particles begin to build up within your transmission system, your car’s performance could start to suffer. Come in for a transmission flush and see what a difference clean fluid can make.

Reliable Transmission Rebuilds

Give your car another chance to perform with a full rebuild of your transmission. Our clients know where to get honest transmission diagnostics.
We proudly offer transmission services in St. Louis and Bridgeton, Missouri, and surrounding communities.